Anara Publishing 2023 Round Up

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2023 has flown by and the new year is just around the corner! The year has seen lots of growth, opportunity, and positivity as well as some challenges but overall, it’s been a great year with plenty to share.


We’ve already shared our highlights from Spring and Summer 2023, so we are delighted to showcase some key events from the last half of the year below.

  • We held another virtual songwriting camp at the end of September, and our songwriters were joined by artists from partners such as Sony Music Publishing, Interstellar Music, Sentric Music and Erased Tapes. With artists located across globe, the end result for the briefs turned out to be very genre fluid! We were also honoured to invite Pam Lewis-Rudden from Plutonic Group Syncs and Dhamirah Coombes from Leland Music to attend the listening session and provide feedback on all of the tracks written during the camp.
  • We have partnered with Conyfer to tap into a new region and represent artists from Sri Lanka.
  • We’ve also partnered with Erased Tapes to represent their catalogue for sync in India.
  • We’ve expanded monetisation opportunities and opened new doors for our artists, including one of our recent projects within India where we worked with a popular label on an album acquisition deal for one of our artists.
  • We’ve added to our roster with seven new signings. With artists from across the world, we have new music with a range of genres and languages. Continue reading to find out more about our new artists!


Not only have we expanded business with partnerships and new signings, but we’ve also had success with sync. Here are our 2023 sync successes:

So Alive – Brandon ft SJBRAVO

She’s on Fire – Brandon ft SJBRAVO

World Doesn’t Care – The Bullseyes

Nothing Disturbs Me – The Bullseyes 

Human Love – DORRR

The Future is Now – DORRR


  • Featured in the Netflix series Neumatt:

In My Way – Subhi

How I Work – Ramsey Noah and Sara Davis


  • Featured in the Indian Soap Katha Ankahee:

Wajah- Piyush Bhisekar


  • Featured in Apple Music: Burna Boy Live:

Focus Dance Beat – Ajimovoix


  • Featured in the Meta Quest trailer for Musical Range:

Nothing Disturbs Me – The Bullseyes 



With travelling to events, and conferences, we’ve met music supervisors, artists, labels, production companies and other publishers, we asked every member for their highlight of the year:



“My highlight for 2023 was taking part in the DIT and BPI Trade Mission to Japan, getting to make new connections over there and open new doors for our roster. I’m looking forward to expanding on this in 2024.



“I’ve enjoyed expanding the roster with regional music and partnering with erased tapes to represent their catalogue in India”.



“Organising the virtual songwriting camp in September was definitely a big highlight and achievement for me this year. I appreciated being trusted by the team to organise the event, as well as testing the limits on how many collaborators we could get on board! In this process alone, I’ve become closely acquainted with some esteemed music supervisors and songwriters that I look forward to working with again in the future.”


“This year, I’ve had a great time preparing, organising, and creating social media posts. Through this experience, I’ve had the chance to engage with more artists, discover a wealth of new music, and enhance my skills in video editing and graphic design.”



Growing the roster:


We had 10 new signings in 2023. Here in the UK, we onboarded rapper Deela, British / Australian indie pop artist Harry Heart as well as jazz artist Luke Elgie. In Asia we welcomed Amrit Ramnath and Dualist Inquiry from India. We explored new markets signing Ankit Shrestha from Nepal, pop singer Cupnoodle from Thailand, in addition to Sanuka and Sri Rascol from Sri Lanka. Lastly, dancehall group Preethevibes joined us from USA.


We asked every member of the team to pick their favourite songs that were added to the Anara Publishing catalogue in 2023. Have a listen in the playlist here .


Our Top Picks of 2023:


  • Debs

2 + 2 – Cupnoodle

Gabriel – Loren Noyman

Patient – Dornik

High & Dry – Dualist Inquiry

Dust and Bones – Ankit Shrestha


  • Deepa

Badal – Zariya

Cycles – Luke Jackson

Risalo – Seasonal Affected Beats

Kuch Toh Hai Baat – Murtuza Gadiwala

OorKuruvi – Amrit Ramnath


  • Teni

Divide – Dualist Inquiry

Reflections – Luke Jackson

Red – Wingbeats

Maze / Haze – Murtuza Gadiwala

Joie De Vivre – Tom James Parmiter


  • Punam

Pool Party – Preethevibes

Mohini – Sanuka

Some Kind of Nothing – Tejas

You Could Take It All – Gabrielknowseverything

Mons Abila – Harry Heart



2023 has been fun, busy, and incredibly productive for Anara Publishing and our roster. Wishing you all a wonderful new year – here’s to a happy and healthy 2024 with continued growth and even more successes.