Sync News: Joining forces with Rockhopper Studios for the Musical Range VR Game!

Musical Range Sync
Musical Range Sync

In our latest sync news, Anara Publishing are proud to announce that 6 tracks from our catalogue have been licensed by Rockhopper Studios for their VR Game called Musical Range! 

I met Yanira and Eugenio from Rockhopper Studios during the 2022 LA Sync Mission where I had a chance to play the demo version of the game. Little did I know that it was just a beginning of a beautiful partnership! According to the team: “Musical Range is a unique VR music instrument game where your goal is to play music with guns by shooting at piano notes (represented by small spheres) when highlighted by meteors.”  

After chatting with Yanira and Eugenio, I fell in love with their project and how passionate their team was about it. I knew that they were looking for a lot of energetic, upbeat music so upon my return from LA, I shared with them a selection of tracks by the Anara artists. The Musical Range team particularly loved the retrowave style of Brandon, the great rock energy of The Bullseyes and uplifting but dreamy vibes of DORRR’s tracks.  

As a result, the following songs have been licensed by Rockhopper Studios:  

Brandon is an electronic producer of synthwave / retrowave music – music that aims to capture the iconic sounds of 1980s pop and electronic music, while throwing in a few modern production techniques to create a sound that is nostalgic, yet somewhat fresh at the same time. Brandon’s second EP ‘Retrochrome’ was released in 2018 in collaboration with SJBRAVO and Sam Hughes. He makes one thing clear from the outset, stating on his social media pages: “If my tracks don’t take you back to the 1980s, then I haven’t done my job!

Hailing from Polish town of Leszno, The Bullseyes are a living testament to the global language of rock music. The duo, made up of Darek on guitar and Matt on drums, are rapidly gaining fans around the world with a style that draws both from vintage indie and futuristic production. Before joining the Anara roster in January 2022, they explored music genres ranging from prog infused metal to dance floor themed EDM, before combining their powers to create what they call “neo-garage influenced rock. “We’re just those two guys from Poland,” they explain, “but we can reach unreachable places with our music. That truly gets us going. 

Originally from Poland, but now living in France, DORRR describes her life as a dreamy nostalgic pop universe, and she is influenced by artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac and The War on Drugs. Her debut album “Glitch and Glitter” represents the polarities that define her best, and the songs on the album evoke a mixture of emotions like joy, disappointment, and happiness. Upon joining the roister at the end of 2021, DORRR explained “The Glitch is the dark part, the dysfunction and the mechanical atmosphere, while the Glitter illuminates, embellishes, makes alive and magical.  

Musical Range is now available on STEAM! Go and check it yourself, play 6 amazing songs from the Anara Publishing artists and shoot the VR guns in the rhythm of their music! Sounds fun, right?