Music publishing, made simple.

Anara provides film, television, advertising and gaming with amazing music from a handpicked, global roster of unique artists and composers.

We solve the problem for both songwriters and music supervisors with one-stop tracks, library music and bespoke compositions.

Anara works with a handpicked roster of unique artists and composers from around the globe.

We focus on our artists specific needs to also offer a more personalised music publishing experience.

Dedicated to maintaining a specialist catalogue, where our knowledge of the music that we represent shines.

Earn Real Money From Your Songs

Music Publishing

We register your songs with collection societies around the world. In order to collect and pay to you the performance and mechanical royalties generated from your work.

Sync Licensing

Get synchronisation opportunities for your music. Sync is the process of music being combined with moving images. It is a lucrative way to boost exposure and earnings.

Our roster has been featured on major broadcast and streaming platforms, and used by brands around the world

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Song Splits: 101

For many songwriters, working out how a song should be split can be a confusing and difficult conversation to have. Many worry that having business conversations in the writing room

Hrishikesh Datar

Anara Publishing sign Hrishikesh Datar

Hrishikesh Datar is the latest addition to the Anara Publishing roster as we further grow the number of Indian based songwriters and composers that we represent. Based in Pune, Hrishikesh

Are you a songwriter and want to join the roster? We love hearing new music at Anara Publishing HQ