What is Music Publishing?

Music publishing is a complex part of the music industry and can be confusing for songwriters. Anara Publishing is here to make music publishing simple.

Music Publishing Rights Explained

When you record and release a song, there are two types of copyright within it. These are the composition and the sound recordingA music publisher looks after the rights to the composition in three key areas. These are song administration, royalty collection and creative licensing.

If you are writing or composing melodies and/or lyrics, it’s important that you understand the nuances of music publishing. More importantly, how you can earn money from the songs that you write as music publishing emerges as one of the most important revenue streams for independent artists.

Music Publishing Administration

Your song is generating revenue whenever it is played on the radio, performed live, reproduced on CD, streamed on a digital platform such as Spotify, or placed within a film, TV show, advert or game. We have put together this handy guide to all of the revenue streams out there for songwriters.

Not sure how to collect these? We can take care of the administration of your songs for you. Anara Publishing liaises with collection societies across the world to ensure that your songs are registered and your royalties are collected. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best, writing great music.

Get exposure for your songs

Having music publishing representation by Anara Publishing also means you have an ally pitching your songs to sync opportunities worldwide. We have relationships with music supervisors across film, television, advertisements, trailers and games who trust us as a source of great music to suit their individual needs.

For more information about music publishing, please contact us.