What is Sync Licensing?

Synchronisation (or sync) is the process of music being combined with moving images such as within film, television, advertising, trailers and video games. Sync has seen huge growth within the music industry in recent years.

New Opportunities In Sync

With the advent of new platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there has never been more opportunities out there for independent artists to have their music licensed.

Worldwide Exposure?

Not only is it a lucrative revenue stream for songwriters, it also is a great way to gain exposure for your music to new fans around the world. 

Get Your Music Placed

Anara Publishing work to seek the best sync licensing opportunities for your music.

We have relationships with a wide network of music supervisors in the UK, Hollywood and beyond, including Netflix, VICE, Universal Pictures, FOX, Hulu, Playstation and hundreds more.

License the Anara Publishing Catalogue

Anara Publishing provides a unique roster of music available for sync within film, television, advertising and games. We have specially curated a catalogue of contemporary music from around the world. If you’d like to discuss licensing one of our tracks or a bespoke composition, please contact us.