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About Anara Publishing

Anara Publishing was born from sister company Horus Music Limited in 2016 to expand in to the emerging music publishing industry. We work with a small but unique roster including independent artists, songwriters and composers. With our strong links to India, we also have the opportunity to work with emerging Asian artists and as such have built an eclectic catalogue of traditional and contemporary world music from the UK, India and beyond. Having a small, handpicked roster means that we only work with artists that we truly believe in. We are focussed on providing the most suitable music for your creative projects in film, television, advertisements and more. Whether you are looking for an existing commercial track or would like a bespoke composition, we can provide the most appropriate solution per project.


For songwriters and composers, it can be a confusing world out there in order to make money from the music you write. You’re entitled to royalties each time your song is reproduced on CD, Vinyl or MP3, played in public, on radio, on television, downloaded, streamed, performed live or synced to a piece of visual media.

We take care of the administrative work for you, liaising with collection societies to ensure everything is registered correctly and most importantly making sure that you receive the performance and mechanical royalties that you’re entitled to. We also pitch songs for synchronisation licensing opportunities in film, television, advertising and many other forms of visual media. We’ve built up a wide network of music supervisors in the UK, Hollywood and across the globe in order to ensure our roster is being heard by the top execs and key influencers in this space.

If you’d like to be part of the Anara roster, you’ll earn 50% of all income and the agreement is non-exclusive so that you retain control over the music that you write.

For more information including terms and conditions, please contact us. For more information on our submission process, please see see our existing roster before submitting your music through this form.

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1. Hindi. Powerful; complete

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