Anara Publishing Sign Reble

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IMG-20210706-WA0016 2

We are thrilled to announce that Anara Publishing has recently welcomed Reble to its esteemed roster of artists.

Daiaphi Lamare aka Reble is a 22 year old rapper from Meghalaya India and she’s been rapping for around 8 to 9 years. Although she is originally from Nangbah West Haintia Hills, she has always wanted to represent the Northeast as a whole.

Reble was earlier known as Daya when she first collaborated with Symphonic Movement back in 2018 . She later identified as Reble in 2019 during the release of her first single “Bad”. Reble has released two singles and has featured in songs like Reasons and Manifest which were produced by Dmon. Dmon has been Reble’s mentor and she has always been grateful for the opportunities he has provided her. He has moulded her into the artist she is today.

Reble’s signing to Anara is in partnership with label Kamani Records, who released Reble’s Entropy EP.

Paul Barratt from Kamani Records said “I’ve always been a fan of Anara Publishing, the work that they support and their professional approach working with artists globally”

Deepa Seshadri, Head of Partnerships added “We’re so excited to welcome Reble to the Anara fam! Emerging from the rising and dynamic hip hop scene in India – her powerful female energy along with a fiery rapping style makes her a force to reckon with!”

If you’d like to collaborate with Reble or licence one of her songs, please get in touch with the Anara Publishing team.