Cupnoodle releases Piece of Mind

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Thai-born, European-raised Cupnoodle blends cultural influences & relatable themes to her music, mixing her signature uplifting and hopeful tracks with a sardonic, witty, and dark humor point of view. 14th June marks the release of her latest single “Piece of Mind”, a dreamy, feel-good, bright, lo-fi production paired with reflective lyrics on letting go for mental peace and stability in relationships. The song is perfect for anyone in their late teens to early 30s, who’s navigating challenges of adulthood & self growth.

“Piece of Mind” is a testament to Cupnoodle’s lyrical wittiness and ability to connect with audiences on a profound level through a relatable topic. It’s a reminder that amidst the chaos of modern life, achieving peace of mind is a priceless and inevitable pursuit.

We hear below from Cupnoodle as she tells us more about the story behind the song.

1) What is ‘Piece Of Mind’ about and inspired by?

Piece of Mind is a bedroom pop, early 2000s RnB track with a slice of drum and bass influence, exploring emotional and mental well-being. The song highlights the importance of mental peace over perfection through candid lyrics and witty melodies.

In the first verse, it talks about seeking a partner who offers stability and genuine support. The pre-chorus reflects on past struggles with societal expectations, describing them as “boxes that turn me into its hostage.”

The chorus is the song’s anthem, emphasizes the essential need for peace of mind with lines like “I don’t want nobody living rent free in my mind” and “I don’t have that kind of money to be wasting time.” Illustrating a conscious decision to prioritize mental health and personal well-being over external validation and unnecessary drama.

The second verse embraces imperfections and self-acceptance, seeking authentic connections. The lyrics, “Trust me I know I’m no angel” and “Not asking for perfect people,” reinforce the theme of embracing one’s true self and seeking authentic connections.

2) How would you describe the sound of ‘Piece Of Mind’.

The mix of bedroom pop, early 2000s R&B, and drum and bass creates a unique sound that makes for intimate, lo-fi melodies with smooth, nostalgic rhythms and high-energy beats.

This fusion results new yet familiar vibe, combining the introspective and mellow sound of bedroom pop with the catchy groove of R&B and the upbeat, quirky drive of drum and bass.

It’s girlie yet universal, perfect for a drive with the sunroof down.

3) How would you define Cupnoodle and how do you hope your listeners can view you?

With Piece of Mind being the first track off of my upcoming ‘YUM ยำ’ EP, this song is the perfect preparation for the next single coming after this with only 6 weeks apart. It’s setting the tone for how blended and innovative the sound of pop of this EP will be. A mixture of RnB, Pop, Electronic, and throwbacks to the vintage vibes but all serving a very different flavor. YUM represents the musical influences and flavors of Cupnoodle. No fuss, straightforward and unpretentious.

4) What is your release plan/schedule for 2024 and beyond?

Releasing every 6 weeks apart. Next one 26th of July. The crown jewel…