Independent Thai pop star Cupnoodle writes the most relatable, sardonic, yet soulful tracks you’re ever likely to hear!



For Fans Of:

Sade, Taylor Swift, The Divine Comedy

With a string of self-released hits behind her, Cupnoodle has seen her tracks appear on UK TV shows, garner flagship playlist spots from Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, and seen her hand-picked by Spotify as one of the best Asian Indie artists of 2022.

Cupnoodle’s name is a nod to the features her songs share with the food brand: originally Asian, instant, and with a global influence. Her soulful R&B-inflected indie pop sound draws upon her diverse musical and geographical influences, being born to Thai and German parents, studying Music Technology in the London, UK, and living and working out of her studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Her lyricism is laced with wry humour, and can shift from raw and emotive to brutally caustic sarcasm within a matter of a few bars.

Drawing on her own life experiences, Cupnoodle speaks to her audience almost like the big sister that everyone wants. Her songs are replete with empowering messages, sage advice, and just enough witty self-effacement to make you feel better about the all-too-familiar situations she describes. This is no doubt one of the reasons why she was selected as a leading female artist globally by Spotify as part of their EQUAL campaign. With an ever-expanding TikTok audience in the tens of thousands, sync placements with MG and Mercedes Benz, and a nod from Lifestyle Asia as ‘one to watch’ for 2023, expect her forthcoming debut album to showcase Cupnoodle’s many musical flavours.

“Asian, instant and satisfying”. (The Bangkok Post)

“Catchy beats and relatable lyrics… Cupnoodle [is] one to watch”. (Lifestyle Asia)

“[C]ool, unconventional indie pop [with] thought-provoking, positive lyrics … We can’t wait to hear what comes next for Cupnoodle”. (The Honey Pop)