Anara Publishing Brings Erased Tapes to India

Anara Publishing brings Erased Tapes to India
Anara Publishing brings Erased Tapes to India

Anara Publishing is delighted to announce that they have partnered with the illustrious label and publisher Erased Tapes to represent their catalogue for sync within India.

Founded by sonic architect and explorer Robert Raths in 2007, Erased Tapes is a truly independent record label & music publisher that has disrupted the industry and rejuvenated the musical landscape.

The London-based label & publisher has consistently nurtured genre-defying artists from all around the world without losing its avant-garde ethos, representing composers at the forefront of scoring for moving picture and media content and including a rich catalogue of recordings by the likes of Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Anne Müller, Lubomyr Melnyk, Peter Broderick, Penguin Cafe, Rival Consoles. Kiasmos, Hatis Noit, Ben Lukas Boysen and more.

Founder of Erased Tapes, Robert Raths adds “Embracing a new chapter, we’re delighted to join with Anara Publishing as we step into the vibrant Indian film and media landscape. We look forward to weaving stories, melodies, and visions through sync and bespoke composition to new audiences.”

Anara Publishing continues to be at the forefront of the sync licensing market in India, recently working with clients and brands such as Sony Television, Asian Paints, MX Player, JioStudios and Netflix. Since their foundation in 2017, Anara has worked tirelessly to grow the entire music publishing infrastructure within India, and they now represent 20 songwriters and composers from the region. Now seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce the global sounds of Erased Tapes into the market.

Deborah Smith, Director of Anara Publishing adds “This new partnership with Erased Tapes means that we can bring a whole new sonic journey to our clients in India. Not only do they have an impressive catalogue of tracks that are ready to licence, we’re also working on some very interesting collaborations between their composers and local Indian artists to bring a totally fresh sound into the market. We felt an instant connection with the team and their catalogue and are really excited for what’s in store.”

 The partnership comes at a time where Erased Tapes has also been expanding their collective of artists. They recently signed Sheherazaad an American performer-composer, whose contemporary folk-pop synthesis joins with South Asian diasporic soundscapes. Her alluring debut single for Erased Tapes, ‘Mashoor’ speaks to the glamour as well as the dis-ease surrounding the experience of Fame. The song is also a larger commentary on the values we are fostering as a world society, where particular people, institutions, or countries are celebrated, despite being inherently narcissistic and perverted.

Anara Publishing’s representation of the Erased Tapes catalogue for sync in India is a testament to their commitment to fostering global musical connections. This collaboration marks a significant chapter in the ever-evolving story of music’s ability to unite us all.