Anara Publishing: Summer Update

Blog covers
Blog covers

It’s been a busy few months for the Anara Publishing team. We will be continuing with our wrap up blogs to keep you updated on all the exciting news we have to share.


Here’s a recap of key events so far since our last update:


  • Anara Publishing attends the Great Escape with sister company Horus Music


  • Hip Hop, Rap artist Deela, joined the Anara Publishing Family





  • Director, Deborah Smith attended the Japan Trade Mission in Tokyo


  • The Bullseyes have a new sync with Musical Range VR with their song ‘Nothing Disturbs Me’


  • The Anara team had a songwriting camp between 25th and 28th September. We’re excited to share the new songs that are created in the camp soon!


New Tracks


There’s been a lot of new tracks added to our catalogue recently. We asked each member of the team to pick their favourite 2 songs that were added to the Anara Publishing catalogue in 2023 so far. See below



  • Sleepwalker, Dualist Inquiry


  • Liar (Cello Arrangement), Agat


  • Badal, Zariya


  • Kahaniyaan, Subhi


  • Maze / Haze, Murtuza


  • No Love, The Bullseyes


  • Anomaly, Luke Jackson


  • No Escape, Dualist Inquiry


We can’t wait to create more opportunities for our artists in the remainder of 2023. Stay tuned for our next update in December for news of what we’ve been working on over the next few months! If you’d like to license any tracks from our roster artists or collaborate with them, please contact the Anara Publishing team.