Piyush Bhisekar – In Conversation With

Piyush Bhisekar
Piyush Bhisekar

Last year, Anara Publishing started a new series of Instagram Live sessions called “In Conversation With”, where once a month we have an in-depth chat with one of our artists about their upcoming plans. Our Publishing Assistant, Beth, caught up with Singer-songwriter Piyush Bhisekar. Piyush strives to create honest, raw, and nostalgic music by using mainly piano and guitar. He layers his songs with lyrics that are instantly relatable, and he blends sounds together like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.


Tell us a little bit about how your journey within music, where did it all start?

The first time I observed that I liked music was in second grade, when my mom was playing an instrument called a harmonium. Then my music teacher and my school recognised that I could play, and they encouraged me to play harmonium and keyboard in school assemblies. In India, we have school assemblies where we pray, then there’s this pledge and the national anthem happens, so I was on stage every day for 10 years playing different songs and prayers. That’s how it all started.

When did lyrics and songwriting come into your musical journey?

I usually write in Hindi and Urdu. I was in a government school where Hindi is taught very seriously, so when I was in my sixth grade, I started noting down important words, and then I filled up an entire diary of them. That’s how I got into languages, I started appreciating different poets and stories. When I was in eighth grade, I started writing and humming poems, that’s how I started writing songs – but I didn’t realise that back then!

In my first year of engineering at college, I was writing original songs for plays and dramas and people started appreciating my work. That’s how I ended up releasing my first EP. It was just by chance.

How did you come to join the Anara Publishing roster?

It was the pandemic (2020), and we all had a lot of time on our hands. I was very confused with all the information about how an independent artist should approach publishing, I started researching who could help me manage it properly. Anara was one of the company names that popped up! I googled them and found out that I also knew a lot of their roster artists from the circuit who were already signed. I submitted my music and the rest is history.

Since you’ve learned about music publishing, why has it become important to you as a songwriter?

Today I received my first publishing royalty cheque as a songwriter, and that’s special! If I wasn’t in touch with Anara, I still would have never known that songwriting was a source of revenue. With Anara, I get to take part in a lot of song writing camps too, as well as meeting a lot of musicians. I’ve become friends with a lot of musicians.

Tell us a little bit more about the songwriting camps you’ve attended, and other roster artists that you’ve met?

I’ve been only to a couple, but we write lyrics, prepare a demo, then pitch it to the client. This is a collaborative process, so it’s great for me to co-write. I learnt a lot of things during that process such as how to exchange ideas. The songwriting camps are really fun!

Who influences you within music?

My all-time inspiration is the late artist called Jagjit Singh, he was a gospel singer in our country. It’s been almost a decade since he passed away, but he still has a huge influence on me as a musician. I heard his albums growing up, his cassettes and CDs were playing in my house all the time. I do regret that I couldn’t meet him or even see him live though, because I was really young.

British artists that have inspired me include Ed Sheeran. I was mad about him, I studied his songs and the way he writes, I used to watch every video that he puts out, and since then, I’ve been a huge fan. I also got to attend his concert in Bombay, it was really amazing.

What do you enjoy most about the songwriting process?

I think every songwriter would agree, there’s a moment when you write a lyric, line, or a phrase, and it all falls into place. You feel like an inventor, and it feels amazing.

What is the best advice that you would give to an artist from India that’s trying to get into the songwriting industry?

As a friend, I would say a few things. Back when I started in 2018, it was so different to what it’s like now. However, one thing remains. You need to keep hitting the stage – again, again and again! Whenever you get the chance, especially when you’re starting out. Sing your songs to new people every time and write a lot of songs. So yeah, I think go on stage whenever possible, and write a lot of songs. That’s it. Two things.

 If you’d like to learn more about Piyush Bhisekar, collaborate with him or license one of his songs, please contact the Anara Publishing team. Find out more about Piyush’s artistry on his social media channels: InstagramFacebook, Twitter.