Preethevibes joins Anara Publishing

preethevibes press photo 3
preethevibes press photo 3

Preethevibes is the latest signing to join the Anara Publishing roster. Officially forming in 2017 after being high school band mates PARA, MILO, Jus-Q and KNGLVN spent several years defining their signature Afro – Dancehall sound across open mics and cyphers in NYC.


Working alongside world renowned vocal coach Craig Derry  Preethevibes refined their skills and burst onto the scene in 2020 with their debut singles Get Down and New Day. These lead to the group’s most successful single to date, Winter Love, which saw the collective secure editorial playlist placements on Spotify’s Rhythm & Groove By DJ TARO and Apple Music’s Pop ChillFuture Hits Tun Up across various African countries. This momentum led to headlining NYC’s Arlene’s Grocery and Heaven Can Wait as well as a stellar international performance at the 2022 All My Friends Are Stars Music Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Their brand new release, Pool Party, comes as another revel into Preethevibes’ specialty of fusing Afro & Caribbean sounds into their very own. ‘Pool Party’ serves as a pilot episode into Preethevibes’ signature Island Trap series which merges the strengths of their Jamaican Dancehall origins with alluring guitar riffs that compliment contemporary Hip Hop Trap drums. Their latest offering, centered around summer-time fun, helps the group tell the story of how a love interest ignited at a summer pool party unexpectedly became a long lasting love affair in the autumn.


Discussing the signing, Preethevibes said:

“The team at Anara have shown that they understand our sound and are in alignment with our goals as musicians. We believe that Anara possesses the skill and experience to help connect our music with those who resonate with our sound. We look forward to the beginning of a successful partnership!”


Speaking of the signing, Director of Anara Publishing said:

“Preethevibes add a really fresh sound to our roster and are a perfect fit for the Anara family! We’re very excited to showcase their existing catalogue to our partners and work with them as they prepare to release new music. They’re an artist to watch for 2024 and beyond, that’s for sure!” 


If you’d like to learn more about Preethevibes or license one of their songs, please contact the Anara Publishing team.