Anara Publishing lands sync deal for two tracks in Popular Swiss TV series Neumatt


Leading music publishing company Anara Publishing has been helping their artists cross borders and find new audiences for their music since their launch in 2017. Their recent sync placements in Neumatt are a perfect example of that. Neumatt (or ‘New Heights’ to the international audiences) has returned for season 2. The series follows protagonist Michi as he navigates through big changes in his work and personal life following the death of his father. The show is scheduled to release on Netflix globally later this year.

Featuring in the opening episode of season 2 is In My Way (Remix) by Subhi ft. GOLDHOUSE, which originally released in 2021. Following in episode 4 is How I Work by Sara Davis, co-written by Anara Publishing writer Ramsey Noah.

Subhi wrote ‘In My Way’ whilst in LA working with Producer Chris G. Wright. It’s a very personal song about getting over mental abuse and building confidence to get out of your own way and achieve your goals. When she was thinking of creating a remix for ‘In My Way’, Goldhouse was the first producer that came to mind, having been in love with his official remix of Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes. Goldhouse transformed the original chill, mellow track into an upbeat, pumped up remix.

Subhi adds “I’m so excited to have my song kick off the first episode of Neumatt Season 2. This song is very personal to me. It is an amazing feeling to see my song reach a wider audience in Europe. Being a South Asian and having an original English song featured in a Swiss Netflix series, highlights how music transcends borders and language. Thanks so much Anara Publishing for making this happen”.

‘How I Work’ is an upbeat “work anthem”, based on one of the writers’ personal experience whilst working in the film industry – late nights, early mornings, lots of coffee, lots of deadlines. The song takes some of those experiences and turns them into a fun, empowering work song in an office setting. Ramsey Noah, who signed to Anara Publishing in 2021, is one of the co-writers of this track. He adds The track really stemmed from some anecdotes from my co-writer Robin. She has always been a hard worker and this particular job drove home the you-gotta-work-hard-to-make-it-happen attitude that she possesses. The line from the chorus, “If you’re not coming Sunday, then don’t come in on Saturday.” is, I believe, a quote from one of her old bosses! We’re all super excited for this song we’ve put so much into to go to “work” and do the important job of helping to support the story in this excellent show, ‘Neumatt’.”

Deborah, Director of Anara Publishing said “I’ve always been focussed on thinking about music publishing on a global scale. By working across multiple markets, we’re giving the opportunity for artists from an Indian background, for example, to have their music featured in productions being made in Europe and vice versa. Music is a universal language, and even though Neumatt’s dialogue is in Swiss German, the audience will always relate to music no matter what language it is in.”

The sync deal was a result of Anara’s relationship with music supervisor Marie-Hélène, whom Deborah first met at the MIDEM conference in Cannes, France. She added “I met Deborah in 2018 when my company was only two years old. As a young, female Publisher, it was great to meet another woman on the front and exchange knowledge and experiences. We’ve been in touch ever since. Anara Publishing is our door to the Indian Music Market as Publisher and as Supervisors. We’re happy to work with Deborah and her team. We look forward to many more success stories for the both of us.”

Season 2 of Neumatt is currently airing on SRF in Switzerland and will arrive on Netflix later this year.

About Anara Publishing

Launched in 2017, Anara Publishing is an independent music publisher headquartered in the UK with an additional office in India. We are specialists in discovering music that crosses borders, representing a boutique roster of contemporary pop, electronic and alternative artists from around the world including UK, USA, India, Israel and across Latin America. We offer a personal approach to music publishing and sync licensing, making sure that we know every single track in our catalogue to find the perfect opportunities for the songwriters that we work with. We have relationships with a wide network of music supervisors globally, having secured sync placements with clients such as Apple, Netflix and Hulu. As well as sync, we also help our songwriters navigate the complex world of their music publishing rights, having direct memberships with major collection societies including PRS, MCPS, IMRO, The MLC, ASCAP, BMI and IPRS to efficiently collect royalties worldwide.