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Aunt Cynthia's Cabin

Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin Join Anara Publishing

Anara Publishing are delighted to announce that Californian duo Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin have joined their roster. The deal sees their music being represented for publishing and synchronisation worldwide. The band


Anara Publishing Sign Tejas

Anara Publishing are pleased to announce that Bombay based singer-songwriter Tejas has joined their roster. The deal sees his critically acclaimed debut LP Make It Happen represented for sync licensing

An Interview With Siddharth Basrur

An Interview With… Siddharth Basrur

Siddharth Basrur is a composer, vocalist and playback singer from Mumbai, India. He is the frontman of Last Remaining Light and Goddess Gagged and has most recently released the debut

Siddharth Basrur

Anara Publishing Sign Siddharth Basrur

Anara Publishing are pleased to announce the signing of Siddharth Basrur to their roster. The deal sees Siddharth’s work represented for publishing and sync worldwide. Siddharth is at the forefront

Case Studies

The Importance of Music in Video Games

When you think of music in video games, you think of the iconic soundtracks of Super Mario Bros, Tetris and Street Fighter II just to name a few. These games

Reading Between the Lines Songwriting Tips
Case Studies

Reading Between the Lines: Songwriting Tips

Behind every great song there’s usually a greater story behind how its composition came about. Even if you’re not one to suffer from writer’s block, there are certainly a number