How to Develop Your Social Media Presence as an Artist in 2020

Social Media

Social media has never been more popular with an estimated 2.96billion people using online sites to communicate at the turn of the new decade. As an artist, it is vital to capitalise on social media as it is a great way to grow and engage with your fanbase. So what are the best ways to … Read more

Playlisting – All You Need to Know (Part 2)

Playlisting - All You Need to Know (Part 2)

In part one of our feature on playlisting, we explained what playlisting is and why it is important. In part two, we will give advice on how to increase your chances of being featured in a popular playlist. How to increase the chances of getting your music on a playlist Here are a few tips … Read more

All You Need to Know About Playlisting – Part 1 

Playlisting - All You Need to Know (Part 2)

What is playlisting?  Playlisting is when a store, streaming platform or independent curator creates their own list of songs specified to a certain genre or mood. Why is it important?  In the 21st Century, our lives are very technology orientated. Streaming and downloading has stolen the musical limelight as the main way in … Read more