Amrit Ramnath joins Anara Publishing

Amrit Ramnath is the latest signing to join the Anara Publishing roster. The Indian pop artist emerged as a formidable force in the independent music scene with his ability to seamlessly blend different genres to create fresh and compelling music.  As a vocalist, Amrit has captivated audiences at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including … Read more

Piyush Bhisekar – In Conversation With

Last year, Anara Publishing started a new series of Instagram Live sessions called “In Conversation With”, where once a month we have an in-depth chat with one of our artists about their upcoming plans. Our Publishing Assistant, Beth, caught up with Singer-songwriter Piyush Bhisekar. Piyush strives to create honest, raw, and nostalgic music by using … Read more

Anara Publishing partner with Horus Music for The Great Escape 2023

We’re delighted to announce we have officially partnered with our sister company Horus Music for The Great Escape Festival 2023! With an eclectic mix of industry panels, free networking drinks and live performances, join us for an unmissable takeover at The Tempest Inn, Thursday 11th May from 1pm-1am. Anara Publishing are thrilled to be presenting … Read more

Halfofyou on his music and the rise of Latin Pop

This month’s feature blog focuses on the rise of Latin music and the impact on independent artists. Joining us to answer these questions is our brand-new signing, Halfofyou. Born in Havana, Cuba, Halfofyou is a Latin Urban artist who emigrated to the United States by way of visa lottery. Escaping brutal dictatorship, HALFOFYOU’s music discusses … Read more

In Conversation with AGAT


Earlier this year, Anara Publishing started a new series of Instagram Live sessions called “In Conversation With”, where once a month we have an in-depth chat with one of our artists about their plans for 2022. For our May 2022 session, we were joined by Tel-Aviv based alternative hip-hop recording and performing artist, AGAT. Her … Read more

The Nigerian Music Market in 2022

As the world continues to evolve into a global community through the help of the internet, our sister company Horus Music expanded its business operations to Africa in 2021 by establishing itself within Nigeria. Alongside Abisoye (Abiz) Obayan, we’re taking a deeper look into what the music industry looks like in Nigeria in 2022.

Abiz is Head of Horus Music Nigeria. His role includes helping clients with every part of the music release process from uploading it to the Horus Music platform, marketing, press features, social media guidance and more. Speaking on this, Abiz explains “It varies from working with artists to achieve their goals in relation to getting their music into the market and breaking new boundaries, to liaising with partners to develop our existing relationships and make new ones.”

The music scene in Nigeria is booming, with genres like Hip-Hop fusion, Afrobeats, Dancehall reggae fusion, Afropop and Amapiano all on the rise.

For DIY artists looking to raise their profile in Nigeria, here’s 6 Top Tips from Abiz:
  • Represent a cause, African music is most valuable for either its social message, or activism in relation to current reality, or futuristic exploration of a better life. Freedom and liberty!
  • In terms of marketing, look at on-platform promotions via the DSPs. Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, Boomplay, and Youtube are all popular in Nigeria. Also, make sure that you couple this with a strategic social media plan.
  • As with many other markets, social media is very important in terms of growing your audience in Nigeria. Make sure you’re active on Instagram and Twitter as these platforms are the most popular in the market.
  • Look at traditional media like radio, TV and print press (newspapers), it’s a reliable medium and a lot can be achieved with a good relationship and budget.
  • Research local music blogs. A few that have proven helpful to the publicity of Nigerian music in recent years are Naijaloaded, NotJustOk and TooXclusive.
  • Take a bit of time to study the industry sector, based on trends, strategies and audience. Bearing in mind what kind of music you make, and the persona you wish or see fit to portray. The consumption today is faster than it used to be, so while you are getting ready to release your first single offering, do have in mind the materials to follow up. Also ensure that you secure a very reliable means of distributing your music to digital stores for fan consumption.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected the world in terms of health and economy, including the music scenes in varying countries. Although difficult, there are some positives that have emerged. Abiz reveals, “Before the pandemic hit, the only source of revenue for artists/labels and stakeholders within the music sector in Nigeria was through live music. Streaming today has shaped the value of our music creativity beyond the local market and I expect to see more growth in 2022.” Viral trends have also been extremely impactful on the African music scene. Abiz relays how “African music thrives on trends, so the development of new trends on platforms like TikTok and Triller both within Nigeria and across the globe has helped push artists to new territories and audiences.”

As reported by The International Trade Administration, according to PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook for 2020-2024, Nigeria’s media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing creative industries in the world. Music can certainly play a part in the evolution of the Nigerian film industry, also known as ‘Nollywood.’ Abiz details, “International establishments such as Netflix, and Amazon Prime, are now affiliated with Nollywood which is a very promising move. It’s a mutual gain for the music and film industry in Africa to collaborate through sync licensing. This will help to preserve our culture and advance creativity.”

As a music publisher, Anara Publishing has had recent success with one of their recent signings AJIMOVOIX gaining a sync in the Netflix film ‘Chief Daddy 2.’ AJIMOVOIX also works with Horus Music Nigeria for distribution and marketing his music. Speaking about the recent sync deal, Abiz says “from our recent sync deal with EbonyLife Media/Netflix through Anara Publishing, we are able to maximise the potential of the track beyond the sales of master recording on DSPs. This goes a long way to not only provide more revenue for the artist but also to create more opportunities for the exposure of the artist to hopefully open more doors for cowrites and collaborations.” He continues “There are also many opportunities for western artists in Nigeria and Africa, which I feel is long overdue; especially in the areas of: music business, songwriting and media. A great example to mention would be Beyonce’s inclination of African industry in her previous project ‘Black is King.’ On this great project she collaborated with more than 4 Nigerian artists and songwriters.”

Abiz notes another artist that he’s most excited to look out for in 2022 is Horus Music Nigeria’s Singah. “His music career has been overlooked and underrated in the last few years. Through his new deal with Horus Music Nigeria, one which has given him a high budget cash advance, he’s been able to release a debut album and produce more music videos. To add to this, he’s also been able to utilise a tailored marketing plan which will hopefully help him to gain a position that he deserves within the African music industry and global market.”

If you are a songwriter, looking to know more about music publishing or are looking for more information on the music industry in Nigeria, connect with us!


An interview with…Loren Noyman

Israeli singer-songwriter Loren Noyman joined the Anara Publishing roster in May 2020. Here we have a chat with her about her creative process and her thoughts on the importance of music publishing. Tell us about how you started making music or what initially got you into music. Art is what I’m living for, my little bird … Read more