Martha Phillips joins the Anara Publishing roster

LIVE_credit Piran Aston_(@piranaston_)_2 copy
LIVE_credit Piran Aston_(@piranaston_)_2 copy

We’re happy to announce that Martha Phillips, songwriter and vocalist of The Elephant Trees, has joined the Anara Publishing roster for sync and publishing representation. The Elephant Trees‘ sound will be appreciated by the fans of Twenty One Pilots, Yonaka or Bring Me The Horizon.

Martha Phillips is a songwriter from Leeds, UK who currently works on her music project The Elephant Trees together with her friends – Sam and Tom. The Elephant Trees are known for their powerful lyrics focused on young people’s real life matters and mental health issues including sexuality and growing up in such complicated times as ours.

The Elephant Trees design a little chaotic but very confident sound, full of energy and passionate vocals. They blend a variety of musical genres and styles which results in a completely new, undefined kind of music created by the band. Martha’s fierce but seductive vocals and band’s “immersive energy” make their live performances hard to forget.

The Elephant Trees have been positively received by press and music industry critics who described the band as “exciting, outspoken and rebellious in their approach” and “fierce, outspoken and overflowing with attitude“. After the success of The Elephant Trees‘ first EP MONACHOPSIS, including hits such as Idiot and 4100, the band is back with their brand new provocative single “Survival” released in June 2020.

Natasha Arciniega, The Elephant Trees’ manager said on behalf of Martha: “We have always wanted to expand our team but we only want to work with people that truly support our direction and ethos, so though we have had offers before to work with labels, publishers etc nothing has felt like a good fit. When we met Debs we all clicked immediately, and that is more important to us  – as we know when Anara is championing us they will be doing it with the same passion and vibrancy that we have for our music. We are excited to start this new journey with Anara, so we can keep making music and know the business elements are being correctly managed. 

Writing lyrics and music for The Elephant Trees has allowed Martha develop her songwriting skills to the point where she’s ready to write and create new music for other artists. The Anara Publishing team is excited to help Martha progress in her career by looking for songwriting and sync opportunities for her demos.

You can listen to The Elephant Trees’ sound below: