Anara Publishing sign KAVYA

KAVYA Shot By San Garcha
KAVYA Shot By San Garcha
KAVYA Shot By San Garcha
KAVYA Shot By San Garcha

We’re excited to announce that electronic pop and lo-fi artist KAVYA has joined the Anara Publishing roster! Originally from New Dehli, India, Kavya Trehan creates an unprecedented sound that is a mix of R&B, indie pop and electronic music.

After releasing an EP with her band MOSKO, Kavya started working on her solo project and released two singles “Golden” and “Underscore“. She is currently focusing on her upcoming EP “Know Me Better”. Kavya is a creative soul described by Indian press as “a true-blue, modern-day renaissance woman“. Anyone that has seen her perform can say that “her artistic expressions extend way beyond singing“. Kavya‘s individualism and artistic spirit are reflected not only in her music but in everything that surrounds it, including live performances, artworks and her fashion choices.

She draws inspiration from her own experiences and different cultures and countries she travelled to, including her homeland India. Kavya‘s lyrics are based on real-life events and deep emotions accompanied by a handful of fun and imagination. Her first single “Underscore” is about letting go which is cleverly illustrated by the balloons on the artwork and in the music video of the track.

Kavya said of the signing: “I’m extremely happy to have crossed paths with Anara exactly when my knowledge about music business was at the brink of understanding how important it is for us to have the rights, royalty collections and sync opportunities in place. As a musician, this infrastructure directly speaks to the confidence every artist must have moving forward in their career. I know that we’ll be able to make the best of our future together“.

Jagoda Jagodzinska of Anara Publishing added: “We’re extremely happy to be working with such a creative and imaginative artists as Kavya! She brings a cool, fresh sound to our international roster. We’re looking forward to being part of her musical journey and representing her for publishing and sync licensing“.

Enjoy KAVYA’s cool sound below:

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