Profile Artwork designed by Sanchit Sawaria, Photographed by Arsh Sayed.


KAVYA (Kavya Trehan) is a 26 year old singer songwriter from New Delhi, India who’s been performing since the age of 14.


Electronic pop, lo-fi, Soul and R&B

For Fans Of:

MØ, Tove Lo, James Blake, Emilie Nicolas, Fink and DRAMA

Over the course of time, she’s collaborated with some of the leading producers in India and toured with her band, MOSKO.

Her solo project is a celebration of raw emotion and her roots, where all songs have been developed from guitar parts and trusty voice-notes. In order to constantly evolve as an artist, in 2016 she started writing music using Ableton.

Since then, she is on a relentless spree of releasing her own material that has more of a R&B, electronic and indie-pop feel. After the critically acclaimed release of her singles, Underscore and Golden – KAVYA is focusing on her solo project with an upcoming EP, “Know Me Better” in 2020/2021.

A multi-instrumentalist, she encapsulates a diverse range of styles within her music. her solo work features more understated sombre soulful vocals, ‘Underscore’.


Profile Artwork designed by Sanchit Sawaria, Photographed by Arsh Sayed.

“Her songwriting continues to feature a carefree structural approach, lending her songs a conversational quality through sporadic lyrical phrases and melodic variance, while making the track abstract enough to avoid being overtly pop. With ‘Golden’, Trehan shifts her downtempo-rooted music away from ‘Underscore’s playful dream pop towards R&B-inspired sobriety – adding a fresh variation in her upward trajectory as a solo artist.”