Anara Publishing Submission Guidelines


As an independent publisher we are always open to listening to new music from aspiring artists. We are currently accepting submissions, so if you are interested in joining the Anara Publishing Roster please complete this form for consideration. Before you do that, we would like you to read our guidelines of the perfect music submission!


The best thing to start with would be researching our company website. Make sure that you know who we are and check the kind of artists we represent. You can look through our roster page and listen to a couple tracks from our catalogue to understand our style. You can also listen to our office radio playlist on Spotify to see what kind of music we like. You want to come across in the most professional way so double check your submission for any mistakes.


Prepare links to stream your music. If you’re sending a SoundCloud playlist include a few of your best tracks only. We won’t have time to listen to dozens of songs so that’s your moment to make a good first impression! Please note that we can’t accept physical CDs or download external audio files on our computers so if your music is not released on digital stores, please share a dropbox link. We are only interested in links related to your music so there is no need to share your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Only send music of good quality, spend some time selecting the best tracks and make sure that the sound is clear and lyrics can be understood. Your songs should be professionally mixed and mastered. What we need is a track ready to be pitched straight away. If the recording quality is poor, you probably won’t hear back from us. Please note that we are not interested in covers or arrangements of famous tracks owned by other songwriters.

Remember to include a short bio that is no longer than one paragraph. In your bio introduce yourself and briefly describe your up to date achievements related to music (supported by examples if possible). Please do not lie about these! We want our relationship with artists to be based on truth and transparency so inventing sync placements, awards and collabs that didn’t take place will only put us off from working with you. If you are submitting the form on an artists behalf, please mention that and provide your name.


If you correctly submitted the form then we promise that we will listen to your music. There’s no need to follow up to check whether we’ve received your message. If we like what we hear we will get in touch, sometimes it can take a couple weeks before we contact you as we are extremely busy. So please do not call or send us emails to rush us as it’s not going to make things faster. We listen to submissions in the same order that we receive them.

If you haven’t heard from us within a few weeks then unfortunately, it usually means that your music is not what we are looking for. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback on each track submitted even though we’d love to do that. Please do not send the same tracks again in a month or two. We’ll keep links to your music so if anything changes, we’ll know how to contact you! If we like the track and would like some more information, a member of our team will be in touch.