An interview with…Loren Noyman


Israeli singer-songwriter Loren Noyman joined the Anara Publishing roster in May 2020. Here we have a chat with her about her creative process and her thoughts on the importance of music publishing.

Tell us about how you started making music or what initially got you into music.
Art is what I’m living for, my little bird in my heart that sings every day. Ever since I was a child music and art were always around me- I played the keyboards, clarinet and guitar, danced for 14 years in all kind of styles, was interested in paintings and listened to a lot of music from a very young age.

I didn’t sing at all until I was 24 years old. I decided to start studying in “Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music”. During my studies I gained confidence in singing, preforming and started to write my own songs (I was starting to write short stories when I was 8 years old, and during the years the stories became songs).

After finishing my studies, I started working on my first EP with the Israeli producer Tomer Yeshayahu.

I think music is the easiest way for me to express myself and my feelings in the best way and it’s a strong part of my being. I really can’t move one day without listening to music, I think it’s the most beautiful language to connect with people.

What is your typical songwriting process? Is it the same every time? Do you have any routines to get you in the creative frame of mind?
My writing process is divided into two, I write a lot of texts in my notebook, and then I take a text that’s ready and looking for the right melody. Sometimes I already have a tune and then I just make the connection. But sometimes the lyrics ask for certain sounds, so I dive in looking for the right tune. Most of my songs are written in the morning. This is the time of day when I am very focused but at the same time very dreaming. It’s easy for me to create in the morning and I get most of my inspiration from nature.

Can you describe a pivotal moment in your career?
The first song I’d released was “Battle War”. The day after it was released, it entered one of the most powerful radio stations in Israel called “Kan 88”. It was a very meaningful and exciting moment for me. It was the beginning, and it’s very hard to know how the world’s going to accept the song. It was very well embraced in Israel and I am still very grateful for that.

How important do you think publishing representation is for artists and composers?
Very important. I think today one of many ways to get to know the music that an artist creates, beyond the digital platforms, is through visual. If it’s series, movies and any other platform that combines these worlds.

Who would you say has been the greatest influence on your music?
I’m very inspired by the 60s’,70s’ folk, rock, country music. Buy my favourite musical role models that shaped and inspired me until today are: James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and John Martyn.

You’re from Tel-Aviv, could you tell us what are the current musical trends in Israel? How do you think your music fits these trends?

In Israel, and especially in Tel Aviv there are many kinds of music. What is mostly powerful here and heard a lot is pop, hip hop, oriental music, classical Hebrew music. I admit my style is less powerful in the country, but it’s something I knew about even before I started making music.

Do you have a favourite use of music in TV or Film?
There is a lot of movie tracks that I love and listen to.

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters/composers?
Write only from the heart. Don’t look for what’s cool, or what is catchy. Be authentic to yourselves. If there’s one thing I’ve been going with forever, is that you can’t deny the truth. And true beauty that comes from the heart gets its rightful place in the world eventually, so trust yourself and your inner voice.