Loren Noyman joins the Anara Publishing roster

Loren Noyman (Credit - Shai Tamir)
Loren Noyman (Credit - Shai Tamir)

We are pleased to announce that Loren Noyman, alternative folk and country singer/songwriter from Israel, is the latest addition to the Anara Publishing roster.

Loren’s unique, dreamy sound is full of mindfulness and emotional harmony. Her tracks incorporate a perfect blend between the 70s vibe and a modern folky sound and are a real treat for the ears and for the soul.

Loren Noyman brings the 60s and the 70s back to life, her melodic and delicate sound makes you think of the artists such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor or Stevie Nicks from whom she takes her influences. Her EP released in 2019 has been appreciated by her local music scene and has met with a highly positive response from Israeli press and music professionals. The narrative of her music has been defined as “melancholy with a shade of pastel” and “old school pop”.

Loren’s debut EP “Pieces”, created alongside Israeli producer Tomer Yeshayahu, covers the topics of deep, emotional love, heartbreak and pain coming from the end of a relationship. Her retro sounding tracks such as “Battle War” and “Alice” accompanied by Loren’s gentle, nostalgic vocals will take you to a new world and bring out your deepest desires and hidden emotions.

Music videos to Loren Noyman‘s tracks, including “Blue” and her first single “Battle War“, are kept in the same wistful and romantic mood as her music. A simple pastel coloristic and retro filters give the viewer a vintage feeling, similar to the one in Lana Del Rey’s videos.

Loren Noyman said of the signing: “I’m happy to join Anara’s roster alongside other exciting acts. I think it will be an interesting experience with great opportunities that will help me reach new heights with my music“.

Jagoda Jagodzinska of Anara Publishing added: “We’re thrilled to be working with such an up an coming artist as Loren Noyman. With her dreamy, retro style and an unconventional mix of the modern sound with the 70s vibe, Loren is a delightful new artist to be added to our roster. We are looking forward to developing her songwriting career and finding sync opportunities for her music“.

Discover Loren Noyman’s dreamy sound below: