CAVEPARTY joins Anara Publishing


Anara Publishing are thrilled to announce that psychedelic rock group CAVEPARTY has joined their roster of international artists. 

Based in the Liverpool area, CAVEPARTY create music inspired by Tame Impala’s dreamy tones combined with the alternative sound of Radiohead. Original, bass vocals of lead singer Miru Song and his melancholy lyrics create a nostalgic, brooding mood during their live shows, making everyone question their entire taste in music. 

In most of CAVEPARTY’s tracks, such as “Beautiful”, melodic entrances build up to strong, punky beats of the electric guitar that reminds you of Arctic Monkeys. The passionate vocals of lead singer Miru switch unexpectedly to a higher, almost falsetto tone. On top of that, the captivating lyrics of this four piece band, evoke the deepest emotions in every listener and create great stage atmosphere. 

International members of the band draw their musical influences from their native homelands, including England, Mexico and South Korea. Such diversity, joined by an unprecedented blend of the dream-pop, alternative rock and psychedelia inspired by the 60s, results in the uniqueness that makes CAVEPARTY a great addition to Anara’s roster of international artists. With they energetic rock sound mixed with characteristic vocals, CAVEPARTY is a must-see band for everyone hoping for the 90s rock revival. 

Deborah Smith, Director of Anara Publishing, said of the signing “With a blend of influences from Mexico, South Korea and the UK, CAVEPARTY are a perfect fit for the Anara Publishing roster. After discovering the band at Liverpool Sound City this year, we were excited about the raw energy shown within their music and are looking forward to working with them for publishing and sync opportunities worldwide”.

Get to know the sound of CAVEPARTY below.