Anara Publishing partners with Musixmatch

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Blog header musixmatch (2)

To kick off 2022 at Anara Publishing, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Musixmatch. A leading music data company, one of Musixmatch’s primary services is providing lyrics to all of your favourite DSP’s. They’ve delivered lyrics for over 8 million songs worldwide and thanks to this new partnership Anara Publishing’s catalogue will now be added to this to unlock a new revenue stream for our songwriters.

We caught up with Kayleigh Ramchand, Publishing Clients Manager at Musixmatch, to find out more about their service.

What’s the Musixmatch story so far?

Musixmatch was founded in early 2010 in an apartment in Bologna, Italy (long before I joined the team). Since then our offices have grown with 100+ employees all over the world, and we’ve become a trusted global partner to music and technology companies; providing lyrics and music metadata, alongside distributing royalties to rights holders.

What’s your role at Musixmatch?

I joined Musixmatch earlier in the year to look after our relationships with publishers. My role is quite varied – some days I’m managing outreach with publishing associations, others I’m negotiating licenses, or catching up with our publishing clients. In a nutshell, I’m here to make sure our rights holders are happy. We have found ourselves working more and more with independent songwriters directly, and so I also do a lot of work with our ‘Academy for Artists’ making sure independent creators are educated on – and getting paid for – their lyric rights.

What platforms are you currently working with?

There is no doubt you have seen the content Musixmatch provides. Our partners include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Microsoft Bing, Tidal, Facebook, Google and others. Just last month, we announced our exclusive partnership with Spotify was expanding globally. This was such an exciting development for Musixmatch, demonstrating the growth and evolution of the digital lyrics market. From the early stages of static search on websites, to lyrics synchronisation on DSPs, lyrics played in time with the song have now become an integral and expected part of the user experience.

For songwriters and artists, what are the benefits of having their works delivered to Musixmatch?

Lyrics synchronisation has become yet another way for fans to engage with their most loved songs. By delivering works to Musixmatch, artists & songwriters can be confident knowing that fans will be able to view, share and engage with their lyrics on their favourite platforms, all whilst Musixmatch ensures songwriters and rights holders are being paid.

What does the next 12 months look like? Do you have any exciting developments in the pipeline?

Earlier in the year we announced our upcoming product: Musixmatch Pro. We wanted to create more tools for independent creators to manage their content, rights and catalogue effectively. I feel truly proud to be part of an innovative team putting creators first, and I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on next year.