Anara Publishing Launches


After months of endless hard work, we are proud to announce that Anara Publishing is now open.

Focusing completely on music publishing, Anara Publishing looks after a diverse roster that includes independent artists, composers and songwriters. We work with clients from our sister company Horus Music but we don’t do this exclusively; we work with clients at all stages of their careers.

Anara Publishing is active in pitching our artists’ songs for sync opportunities in movies, television, advertising and video games. We have built an impressive network of contacts with the likes of Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Playstation, VICE, CBS and beyond.

Working in collaboration with Horus Music India, we have taken our name from the Hindi word for ‘powerful’ or ‘complete’. The name has already proved to be a perfect fit for our unique and growing roster of artists which currently incorporates traditional and contemporary world music. We are open to working with any genre and are committed to building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with each of our artists.

When asked about this, Anara Publishing Director Deborah Smith added that “having a handpicked roster means that we work with artists we truly believe in and that we are focused on finding the best opportunities. I’m excited to be expanding into the world of music publishing and to showcase these amazing artists.”

As Anara Publishing launches, we will also take care of the administration work through liaising with collection societies so that our artists receive the performance and mechanical royalties they’re entitled to. This way, artists are free to focus on what they do best – writing great music.

Come and Join Us

Anara Publishing is still accepting submissions for our eclectic roster. You can view our existing roster here and you can also message us directly for more information and submissions.