Abhimanyu-Pragya joins Anara Publishing

Anara Publishing
Anara Publishing

Abhimanyu-Pragya are the latest signing to join the Anara Publishing roster. Having met through a chance meeting and a shared common love for music, the band, who describe themselves as “unafraid to experiment or to go against the tide,” are aiming to present a unique sound experience for their listeners.

With a wealth of industry knowledge under their belt, including gaining places on The Voice India (Top 5), along with working professionally within music for the past 5 years, Abhimanyu-Pragya have already started to gain attention from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Times Music and Big FM (to name a few), and they are ready to take their career to the next level with Anara Publishing.

Speaking of the signing, Abhimanyu-Pragya explained “We are stoked to announce our strategic partnership with Anara Publishing. As independent artists, we always wanted to work with a company with an artist first policy. Not just that, Anara Publishing has a huge global reach that would help give our indie songs the exposure we wanted them to get. With Anara Publishing, we are looking forward to a lot of exciting opportunities for our Indie Music. For example, we are looking forward to Brand collaborations, revenue opportunities and sync licensing, basically getting our songs placed in TV series and films.”

Deepa Seshadri, Head of India for Anara Publishing, added “I’ve known Pragya from around the time she left her high-end corporate job to pursue her passion for music. She’s done extremely well for herself, and I see great potential in her and her band mate Abhimanyu. As a duo, they have shown their versatility by releasing festive, folk and pop music, whilst also working on a lot of lo-fi Bollywood projects. I’m really looking forward to introducing them to the world of publishing and hopefully enabling them to take their songwriting career to the next level.”

If you’d like to learn more about Abhimanyu-Pragya or license one of their songs, please contact the Anara Publishing team.