Get Heard Above the Streaming Noise

Get Heard Above the Streaming Noise
Get Heard Above the Streaming Noise

Streaming services are now one of the most popular formats for music consumption. Having your music available on streaming platforms is a vital tool for any artist and a great way to connect with a new audience. Below, we will outline a variety of ways to get your music heard above the streaming noise and boost your streams.

Online Presence

It is essential for any up and coming artist to have a strong online image with a professional website and consistent social media presence: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit etc. Make sure that you are always directing fans to your music and actively encouraging them to listen. Make it easy for fans to spot your music at a quick glance. As a result, you will direct more traffic to your artist page and get more plays.

Also, have an interesting and well shot video to promote your lead single on YouTube and from there, direct traffic straight to streaming services in the video description. Put the links in order of how much money you make. The highest income earner eg. physical album link at the top, followed by the next highest earner, eg. album download etc.

The Importance of Email

Never underestimate the value of email. Use it to connect with fans and direct them towards streaming services and physical purchases such as merchandise and physical copies of the album. Previous research shows that email is the place where people are most willing to make purchases. They’re used to it and they trust it.


It is essential that the music you are releasing is “radio ready” and of the highest quality. Never publish something too early, just to get your music out to fans. Wait until the recording is performed, mixed and mastered to the highest quality. So that you maintain a consistently strong brand image in everything that you do.


Playlisting is growing in popularity at an increasing rate and it has arguably become as important as radio play. Do plenty of research and find curated playlists that feature music similar to yours. Then make a list of the artists that influence you and find popular playlists that feature their music. Next, research how to contact the playlist curators and send your music to them, using the artists name as a reference point.  There are some great websites, Facebook groups and Reddit groups that encourage playlist trading. Try to get your music featured on them. A song being featured on a popular playlist will result in an increase in your following and overall streams.

Artist Page

Make your artist page look professional and consistent to the branding on your social media and website. Make use of the additional features available, include links to your social media pages, an eye catching banner, an interesting and succinct bio, mention something unique about yourself as an artist, but don’t go into excessive detail. Include the schedule for your upcoming gigs and links to buy tickets – another source of revenue for you as an artist. A professional artist page will increase your streams, as people are more likely to click on a page that is eye-catching and well presented. Plus, if you become an affiliated artist, streaming services will rank your page higher and consider your music for their own curated playlists.

Call To Action

Regularly give your audience a call to action. Encourage them to press “follow” on your artist page. Once they are following you, they will be notified by email about all of your activities: new music, new releases, new gigs etc.

Retaining Interest

Think of ways to keep fans on your page. There’s no point in having a large following or generating a lot of traffic, when they don’t interact.

A few creative ways to retain your audience’s interest include:

  • Curating your own artist playlist, featuring what you’re listening to and what music influences you. Your fans have an interest in you as an artist therefore, some will be intrigued as to what makes you tick and what inspires you. A playlist curated by yourself is a great way to give them a brief insight into your private life and personal tastes. It is also a good way for them to discover new music.
  • Consider curating a playlist with a similar artist. In this case, there could be a fanbase crossover and you could gain some of their followers. It’s a win win.
  • Furthermore, follow artists that you like, to help your fans discover what you are listening to. There is a high chance that the artists will follow you back and you will gain access to their following.  

Increasing Traffic

Here are some ways that you can drive listeners to your artist page:

  • Record and release a cover.
  • Reach out to bloggers, influencers and writers. Articles that feature an embedded link are very valuable.
  • Create eye-catching and professional looking artwork.
  • Think about places that you have previously discovered new music and make sure you are on there.
  • Cover all platforms even those with a smaller following.
  • Tweet, tag and message pages, artists and playlist curators that feature similar music to yours and see if they are willing to collaborate with you. Some may consider this as pestering people and being a nuisance. However, at the end of the day, you have to be hard-working and persistent to be successful. Be selfish. What is a playlist without any music?

Useful Tools on Streaming Services

  • Embed a playlist on your website.
  • Consider purchasing an ad on the streaming platform and gain access to a new audience.
  • Spotify have recently introduced a Spotify Code that people can scan on the Spotify app and be directed straight to your profile. You can put this code on your social media, website, even printed merchandise. Keep an eye on other streaming platforms, as they are likely to follow suit with this feature in the near future.
  • Embed a follow button on your website so fans can follow you without leaving the page.

Finally, never undervalue your fanbase and never underestimate the power of simply asking them to do things. Ask fans to spread the word and give them calls to action. Ask the them to follow your page, stream your music, share posts and set markers and goals. When you are close to a landmark, 100 plays for example, thank your fans for their support and ask them to make it to 100. Maybe offer incentives for achieving this, free artwork/merchandise/tickets etc.