Avoiding the Dreaded Writer’s Block

Writers Block
Writers Block

It happens to all of us, you’re in the middle of writing your best song yet and boom the dreaded writer’s block strikes. You can’t figure out the right chord to end the chorus or the next line of the lyrics. Despite trying every combination, nothing seems to work and you can’t get back into the same thought process.

A recent study by psychologists has found that one way to boost imaginative thinking is by listening to happy music. According to the study, this uplifting music can help artists think more flexibly and avoid getting stuck in a creative rut. We also spoke to a group of musicians and songwriters who shared their top tips from first hand experiences with writer’s block. Here’s a selection of their top tips on how to get those creative juices flowing again.

Further Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

“Start writing on a different instrument.”

If you usually write songs by playing the guitar, sit behind a piano instead and see what comes out.

“Go for a walk.”

Getting some fresh air and taking your mind off of writing completely can help you have that eureka moment.

“Going to gigs and watching new artists always inspires me to want to go home and pick the guitar up.”

Putting yourself in the crowd instead of on the stage can give you some fresh perspective and give you the urge to go and write straightaway!

“Word Vomit.”

Sing or play without a plan and record it. Sometimes it might be complete rubbish but sometimes you can find something that inspires you.

“Learn new techniques, scales or weird, jazzy chords.”

This might spur you to put together a new combination of notes or chords that could be the end of your writer’s block woes.

“For lyrics, get someone to give you a topic or a word to try to build a song around it.”

We’re all guilty of being indecisive now and then. This takes away any choice and forces you to start writing.

“Listen to new styles, new artists or different instrumentation.”

When listening to something out of your usual style or genre, you never know what might inspire you!

Let the world around you inspire you”

Watching the news, reading a book or watching TV can sometimes kickstart your imagination or provide you with new themes to write about.

Got any tips on how you have overcome being uninspired? Tell us your techniques in the comments.