The Penniless Wild

The Penniless Wild is an Indie Rock outfit based out of the Northeastern United States that blends rock and roll with indie folk to create a sound all their own.


Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock

For Fans Of:

Kings of Leon, Dermot Kennedy, The Avett Brothers, KALEO, Hozier

Focusing heavily on lyricism accompanying gritty vocals and the creation of space to reveal the skeletons of the instruments beneath them. From three part harmonies alongside lapsteal and baby grand, to full on rock and roll carefully paired with modest, modern production.

Each of their songs wrap you in a velvety warm ambiance, as every second is positively dripping with passion.

Taste Culture

They find the middle ground between the music that raised them, and the music that is currently shaping the world around us all. Be sure to listen to their catalog in its entirety wherever you enjoy your favorite artists.