Lokana is a unique singer and songwriter from Denver Colorado. She is known for her love of music, her catchy melodies, and her outgoing personality.


Bubble-gum Pop

For Fans Of:

Nina Nesbit, Allie X, Kim Petras, and Ella Eyre.

Project Asteri signee Lokana is best known for her vocal renditions on YouTube of popular tracks from Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Ella Eyre.

Lokana is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who was born in Hawaii but moved to Colorado when she was 4 years old. She has been singing since she could talk and has always dreamed about making it big as a singer ever since she could remember.

She officially started writing and recording her own music in October 2018. Meeting a lot of amazing writers and producers along the way. On a trip to California in early 2020 she met with Grammy Nominated Producer NicoTheOwl having an instant connection. Together, with Topliner Sadye Cage, they created the hit Ride or Die.

“Ride Or Die,” is a bubble-gum pop track that allows Lokana to express how she feels for a man who, according to the lyrics, hasn’t got his act together.

Asked what it’s like being a musician in 2020: “Being a musician in 2020 has been interesting! All I want to do is tour the world, meet fans, etc. and I just can’t do that with the way the world is right now. The cool thing about it though is that there’s a lot of people that are at home, scrolling social media and streaming music, so, it’s a great way to get yourself out there. Another plus is that it’s really easy to write about the struggles of 2020. It makes for some great material!”