Ishaan Nigam

Ishaan Nigam

Ishaan Nigam is a singer-songwriter based in Mumbai, India. With a master’s degree in Indian classical music and a notable alumnus of KMMC (AR Rahman Music College) in Chennai, Ishaan has been making waves in the music scene.


Pop, Indie-pop, Fusion, Semi-classical

For Fans Of:

AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh

Since 2019, he has independently released 14 captivating singles, with ‘Woh Raaz Ho (feat. Brite Roy)’ amassing an impressive 7 million streams on Wynk Music, and ‘O Raahi’ achieving over 110,000 streams on Spotify. 

Ishaan recently ventured into the world of films, lending his melodious voice to ”Paya Maine Khudko’ from ‘Lost & Found in Singapore’, ‘Uraipaninaan’ from ‘Inspector Rishi’, ‘Liqa Dey Dey Maula’ from ‘FIR’ and ‘Nagaram’ from ‘Peace.’ His talent has also graced the esteemed Coke Studio Bharat with the enchanting song ‘Geejaga Hakki’.