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HALFOFYOU is a Latin Urban artist born in Havana, Cuba who emigrated to the United States by way of visa lottery. Escaping brutal dictatorship, HALFOFYOU’s music discusses themes of Cuban pride, love and longing with the a mix of braggadocious tracks to lighten the mood.


Reggaetón, Reparto (Cubatón), Hip Hop, Latin Urban, Latin Trap, Latin

For Fans Of:

Bad Bunny, Mora, El Chulo, El Kamel, Myke Towers, Eladio Carrión, Alex Rose, Osmani García

At the early age of 11, HALFOFYOU began writing music that reflected the sounds which captured both his heart and ears. Very early on, he was enticed by the rhythms of the Caribbean and his Cuban roots. During the formative beginnings of his career, making predominantly hip-hop music; HALFOFYOU decided to combine what he was learning to do with the musical heritage of his roots. Now, more than ever before, he’s fully embraced his Latin roots and stands in a lane all by himself. Fusing together genuine Cuban pride with a flair that cannot be matched, in a genre that is dominated by artists from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. HALFOFYOU is positioning himself to be a major player in this space.