An Interview With… Boutique Label Pragnya


In this latest edition of “An Interview With…” we sit down with Anurag Shanker, whose father Promod Shanker spearheaded the Pragnya movement.

1. Tell us about how you started your label.

The label was started by V Chandrashekhar who was enthused by the idea of documenting India’s cultural and spiritual treasures through their music. Hence they started off a series of Vedic Chants called ‘Amruthavarsha’ which is Pragnya’s most successful series till date.

2. How important do you think publishing is in today’s music industry climate?

With things changing so much day by day, we really cant say. Our job is to put the best work forward and give it a platform through our label. However Indian music really needs to turn over a fresh page in terms of publishing and sync both from the artists and consumers points of view.

3. How do you source new artists for the Pragnya roster?

It is mostly through our network that we hear or encounter new artistes. India is thriving with musical talent so you can never go too far away from talented people. We just pick out the quality from the quantity and try to produce it with due attention to all aspects of the pre and post production in addition to the actual recording itself.

4. Describe a pivotal music moment for you in your favourite film, television show, brand partnership etc. Has this influenced the sound of your label?

Nothing like this really. But the way Times Music introduced a new genre of Spiritual Music to India was quite an eye opener for the entire music scene here. This movement was spearheaded by Promod Shanker who laid the foundation of Pragnya as well and has brought it to where it stands today.

5. Do you have any advice for young label start ups?

Spend your time and money wisely but stay positive. Think of your industry and not just you in isolation.