Issa Murad Joins the Anara Publishing Roster

Issa Murad
Issa Murad

Anara Publishing is thrilled to announce that Issa Murad is the latest artist to join their eclectic roster from their successful trip to WOMEX in 2017. The worldwide deal sees Issa’s project “Joussour” being represented for publishing and sync licensing as well as his bespoke work as a composer.

Born in Bethlehem, Issa was introduced to music at an early age with the likes of Classical Arabic music and the famous oud players from Egypt. Turning 18 saw him joining the Edward Said National Conservatory of Palestine with a specialism in oud, oriental music and Arabic singing. Since then, Issa has enjoyed an illustrious career. In 2001, he was awarded the Marcel Khalife award as the best oud player in Palestine. He has seen his career travel to Egypt, India and France, where he now resides.

The Joussour project is the reflection of the composer’s travels through different cultures, from Jazz to Balkan and Arabic to Indian music.

Issa Murad said “I am proud to join Anara’s roster. Publishing has become, for accomplished artists, as important as live performance and distribution. I am looking forward to new opportunities for my music and compositions. ”

Malini Hariharan, Creative Licensing for Anara Publishing, added “We met at WOMEX and instantly connected on the universality of music. Issa is a versatile composer and Oud player with a great knowledge of eastern sounds and scales. We are excited to have him and his music be a part of our growing hand-picked roster”

Take a listen to Issa Murad’s music.

Hear More Of Issa Murad And The Anara Publishing Roster

Anara Publishing is an independent music publisher with offices in both the UK and India. Their unique, handpicked roster champions the best talent from across the globe. This covers a multitude of genres, including electronic, folk and rock. If you want a unique signature sound for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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