Cartwright & Sutherland

Cartwright & Sutherland

Genres: Acoustic, Indie, Pop
Similar Artists: Snow Patrol, The Mavericks

Landscape gardener Peter Cartwright and Bored IT Person Franc Sutherland (Cartwright & Sutherland) met during the production of a radio documentary by the BBC’s Louis Chadwick called ‘The Community Ballads’. Recording in Peter’s garden studio, they put together three tracks for Louis to use, illustrating the themes he was exploring centred round North Oxfordshire life and community.

Realising that they shared the same approach to recording and arrangement, it was decided to see if they could write some songs together and play some gigs too. With Peter’s excellent facilities and background in sound tech they had the perfect platform to produce radio-ready recordings quickly. Working in this new partnership has led to an initial three new recordings, which are published by their friends at Anara Publishing. The songs show a variety of styles with Franc’s voice being the main theme to each, pulling everything together. Everything you hear was written, recorded and produced by the pair, each playing an array of instruments.

With more tracks already written being demoed and performed, the pair are constantly working on adding to their catalogue of songs. In terms of genre it is hard narrow it down to just one, with both enjoying harmonies and big, lush arrangements. Franc’s background is The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel,

mixed with The Beach Boys, ACDC, Coldplay and Field Music. Peter’s influences include Frank Turner, City and Colour, Flyte, Green Day, Björk, Antony and the Johnsons, Frank Carter, Lana Del Rey, Dance a la Plage and Led Zeppelin. Their own music is a subtle blend of all of these and could be described as Indie Acoustic Pop. We like good melodies along with harmonies and enjoy the process of recording and writing to bring all of this together.

Cartwright & Sutherland are open to composing bespoke material for specific film, radio or TV projects.


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