Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin Release Cabin Fever EP

Aunt Cynthia's Cabin
Aunt Cynthia's Cabin

Following the release of their eagerly awaited Cabin Fever EP, we caught up with Anthony, Jeremy and Brennan of Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin to see what’s next for the band.

What was your inspiration for Cabin Fever?

Anthony: Like all music I write or co-write, Cabin Fever was inspired by life experiences, relationships, and discovering/creating who we are as a band.

You teased the sound of Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin with the release of single On the Mountain back in February 2018. Were you working on tracks from Cabin Fever at the same time?

Anthony: Brennan and I had been working on most of the structure and instrumentation for the songs on the ep around the same time that we recorded and released “On the Mountain”. Then we took Jeremy up on his offer to kick ass on the drums. Him and I had worked on some other music together before and I knew deep down he was gonna be a part of this as well. Then we started tracking shortly after he was on board.

You’ve said before that garage bands from the 60s like The Yardbirds and Blue Cheer have been a huge inspiration to you. How is this reflected on the record?

Brennan: Absolutely those bands influence the record a lot, not so much in the songwriting but in the production/engineering of the album. Capturing the gritty, dusty sound of western-fuzz-garage rock is ultimately the goal from a production standpoint. We sought out a lot of 60’s tones on Cabin Fever. We used a lot of old school mic’ing techniques, putting all sorts of tube distortion on nearly everything, singing from the back of the room, doubling a lot of stuff, not doing a million takes so everything sounds thick and natural.

Drummer Jeremy Luvaas joined Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin during recording, how did you meet?

Jeremy: Anthony and I met while out late one night on the streets of Ocean Beach, San Diego.  He and Brennan were in a different band at the time and it wasn’t until about a year later did the three of us get together in a garage. Then,  lightning struck and wolves howled.

You’ve got your album release party in your hometown of San Diego coming up at the end of the month. Are you planning a tour?

Jeremy: We’re all excited about the release party and it’s going to be most excellent.  However,  no tour scheduled as of now.

Do you have a favourite track on the EP?

Anthony: I don’t have a favorite song. I love them all in a different way because they are different and I have different feelings for them at different times. I feel the same way about all the music I’ve written or co-written.

What’s next for Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin?

Jeremy: What’s next is to rock a bunch of shows and release a second EP in the up coming months.

How can we listen to Cabin Fever?

Brennan: You can listen to Cabin Fever on all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Youtube, etc) and of course, if you really want to support our music, the album is always available for purchase on Bandcamp.


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