Aseem joins the Anara Publishing Roster

Anara Publishing Artist, Aseem
Anara Publishing Artist, Aseem

We’re pleased to be able to announce our latest signing, Aseem. Based out of Pune in India, Aseem is a singer, composer, studio engineer and live sound engineer. With his dynamic voice and sound arrangements, he’s been changing the Indian Pop sound by bringing in his influences from western artists such as Mac Miller, FINNEAS and Thundercat.

Aseem has been busy releasing music throughout 2020 during the pandemic, with his single Khayaal being released as an Apple exclusive that also landed on their 100 best songs of 2020 playlist. He’s also gained support from the likes of Rolling Stone India, The Indian Music Diaries and Maed in India. Aseem is currently busy writing and recording new material to be released in 2021.

Aseem said of the signing “I’m stoked to be on the Anara Publishing roster. I remember July of 2020 when I had a long conversation with an old friend about the importance of sync & publishing for independent musicians in today’s time. Just after releasing my single “Khayaal” with Horus Music, I reached out to Chandrika to get her inputs on how I could go about registering my music for sync opportunities. She put me in touch with Deborah and from the get go, the team and her were very prompt, informative and had a clear idea of what they could achieve with my music. The wide range of services that the company offers like songwriter collaborations, pitching the music to the right music supervisors and the publishing bit of it are extremely crucial for our growth as independent artists. So happy to have found it all under one roof. Super excited for the times ahead!”

Deborah, Director of Anara Publishing added “We felt such good energy from Aseem right from our first Zoom call. We’d been looking for the right pop artist from India to add to the roster, so being introduced to him came at completely the right time. We’re really excited to start working with his existing catalogue as well as being involved in the writing process for his future releases. The future is bright for Aseem for sure!”

To discuss collaborations with Aseem or licensing one of his tracks for your production, please get in touch with the Anara Publishing team.