Rainbow Maniac

Rainbow Maniac arrived into the Cardiff scene circa 2017 with tremendous vigor. They emerged stocked full of tunes, and an evident, urgent will to make noise.


Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Blues Rock, Rock n Roll, Good-times Rock n Roll

For Fans Of:

The Libertines, Pulp, The Rolling Stones, The Coral

Taking the wry, subtly enigmatic words and thoughts of chief lyricist Conor Latcham as their pivoting foundation, tracks lurch from knowing cultural reference to jaggedly aloof home truths.

The band are priming themselves to release their debut album, ‘All Inclusive Trip To The Sunset’. As with their previous work, Latcham’s lyrics display the downtrodden swagger of the Generation-X working class; their elegance both acknowledging and transcending the crumbling terraced house bricks they emerge from.

They veer from the bruised-and-confused, half-hateful phrasing of the recently jilted to the silver-tongued bitterness of the socially deprived, always strongly laced with jarring honesty.

While Latcham’s swagger and self-confidence draw comparisons to the Gallaghers; the essence of Rainbow Maniac lies far from the benign mundanity of Oasis-lite word-bastardisation and more in the unlikely everyman stories of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker. Bittersweet and self-aware with a bulletproof facade masking the emblematic doubts and anxieties of anyone growing up into a world of TV licenses, zero hour contracts, WiFi charges and Netflix addiction.

“Raw and exciting” Shell Zenner – Amazing Radio