Aunt Cynthias Cabin

Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin

The eerie, neo-psychedelic sound of Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin paints a nostalgic picture of fuzzed-out, California desert rock.


Psychedelic Rock, Garage, Fuzz, Lo-Fi, Desert Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Neo-Psychedelia

For Fans Of:

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, The Doors, The Dead Meadow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tame Impala, LA Witch, NEU!, Wand, Dungen, Ty Segall, The White Stripes

The San Diego trio’s latest EP, Cabin Fever, is reminiscent of a long lost 60’s garage album blending dark, western tones with spacey psychedelia. Unlike their former release (7” split On The Mountain), Cabin Fever is as much of a sonic journey as it is a lyrical odyssey into the psyche of a troubled being.

The top of the EP discusses a jaded frustration with modern city culture and the decline of social etiquette therein. From here the album evolves, moving away from city qualms and onto the subject’s journey into the vast Southern California desert. The space captured in the recordings, the airy rumbling guitars and hard-hitting drum sound brings the listener straight to the setting of the narrative.

The self-recording trio proves to be well schooled in the art of recording and audio engineering, using far-away room microphones, distortion and natural reverb to create their indistinguishable desert sound. The eeriness of “nothing” begins to blend with the beauty of solitude.

Themes of anxiety and paranoia manifest in relatable metaphors swallowed in the isolated surroundings of our sun beaten journey. By the end of Cabin Fever, we have experienced nothing less than a trip out of the city and across the desert floor, along the way peeking into the minds of a band that we know we should have heard before.

The independent garage trio is comprised of San Diego’s Brennan Justice (guitar, lead vocals), Anthony Defreitas (bass, vocals) and Jeremy Luvaas (drums, percussion). The band delivers a unique blend of fuzzed-out, western desert rock alongside clear influences from Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane and early Fleetwood Mac. The band writes, records and produces all their own music out of a garage and their private studio space.

“Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin” was originally a concept for a desert-landscape murder mystery novel set in 1970s Southern California. As this idea took root, the band began writing music to fit the vibe, and from there the band took on an identity of its own. Their debut 7” split (self-released in February 2018), “On The Mountain”, recalls sounds from groups such as The Black Angels, The Doors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and notable stoner rock legends The Dead Meadow.

The band independently released their latest work, Cabin Fever, in August 2018.