Anara Publishing sign stph.


Anara Publishing are pleased to announce the signing of electro-pop Belgian duo stph. to the roster! Originally from Brussels, stph. create an innovative electronic sound that will appeal to the fans of St Vincent, Robyn and French artists such as Yelle, La Femme and Sexy Sushi.

In their music, stph. (pronouce Steph) blend different genres such as electro-pop, lo-fi and indietronica with reminiscences of 80s French pop. Within their tracks, written and performed in French, Aurore and JS often bored with the world around them, focus on answering existential questions and analyse contemporary social codes.

Music video to their first single called Salut tout le monde has met with a very positive response from the French and Italian press. It’s been described as “colourful synth-pop track punctuated by vocal passages that alternate between male and female voices, all enhanced by an exploratory musical approach “. According to Sounds Good Webzin the band’s debut EP called Pluie d’été ” features simple, basic melodies generating an original indie pop sound that is pleasing to the ear.”

stph. said of the signing: “We are really happy to join Anara Publishing’s open-minded and efficient team. Their view on music publishing is refreshing, with a focus on building-up an international and multicultural roaster. What a pleasure to be part of this colourful family of artists! Quelle belle brochette, as we say it in French 😉 We are grateful for the professionalism shown so far, and we are looking forward to working with them!”

Jagoda Jagodzinska from Anara Publishing added: “We’re really excited to finally have good French music in our catalogue! When we first listened to “Salut tout le monde” we immediately loved the lyrics and the sound inspired by the 80s French pop! We’re very impressed by the entire EP and are looking forward to representing such an exciting new band as stph. for sync and publishing.”

To discuss licensing any of stph.’s tracks, get in touch with the Anara Publishing team.

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