Anara Publishing sign Nivid


Anara Publishing are pleased to announce their latest signing from India, Industrial Rock outfit Nivid. Founded by Aditya Virmani and hailing from New Delhi, their music contains provocative and theatrical narratives, written in Hindi, based upon reflections of the self, society and civilisation.

As well as releasing music with his Nivid project, Aditya is an experienced media composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. The Nivid catalogue is available to license for sync opportunities worldwide through Anara Publishing and Aditya is also available for co-writes, collaborations and bespoke compositions.

Deborah Smith, Director of Anara Publishing, said of the signing “Nivid perfectly portrays the diverse musical landscape that’s present in India in 2020. I met Aditya at a video games conference in San Francisco in 2019 and it quickly became clear that we shared the same passion for introducing the vibrancy of what India has to offer to the rest of the world. Over the past 12 months, Aditya has gotten to know the whole team and has developed a really strong relationship with our sister company Horus Music too. I’m really pleased to be working with Aditya and the Nivid catalogue to find new opportunities for their songs.”

Malini Hariharan, Head of Creative Licensing in India for Anara Publishing added “Nivid’s industrial sounds immediately caught my fancy the first time I heard it. The definitive textures and lyrical content add an edgy, yet youthful dimension to the music. I feel it will be a great value add to projects that need an anomaly but intend to communicate in an accessible way.”

Aditya Virmani added “Anara Publishing represents the new generation of artists from around the globe who are making a statement with their music. At Nivid, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be associated with an extremely motivated team that has the vision to grow and evolve and presents a refreshing sound for licensing possibilities through its catalog.”

Discover Nivid below.