An Interview with Simön


Simön” is the alter-ego of composer and musician Diego Herrera. Through music, he expresses his own voice and South American heritage. He has toured extensively around the USA, Panama, and Uruguay; as well as performing on celebrated stages in Brazil, such as Festival de Inverno de Campos do Jordão and Sala São Paulo.

Simön’s music encapsulates emotive and reflective moods, whilst staying based around the genres of latin, rock, indie, and world music. When listening to Simön’s tracks, you can hear his carefully thought-out use of acoustic guitar, harmony, and expressive vocals. Each track tells its own story and takes you on a journey, differing in terms of mood and sentiment.

Anara Publishing caught up with Simön to ask him about his journey within music, dream collaborations, and the importance of publishing.

Tell us about your journey within music. How did it all begin?

I started learning music around the age of eleven when I was attending a school camping trip. One of the group leaders had a Spanish guitar that he played at the fireplace, I practiced the riff from Nirvana’s ‘Come as You Are’ on guitar and so it began! After that, I would spend hours alone rehearsing from memory until I was able to play guitar fluently.

Who influences your music and why? 

My list of influences is extremely long and doesn’t follow any pattern. I feel that every song I’ve ever listened to is somewhere in the universe of my imagination, but people who influence me from Uruguay include Eduardo Mateo, Fernando Cabrera, and Lady Jones, to name a few. From Brazil I’m inspired by Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso and Mutantes. The common theme amongst all of these artists is that they go out of their way to be as uncomfortable as possible when creating their art, which I find inspiring. Also, there are many other people who inspire me from around the globe, for example, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Do you have any touring plans for this year, and do your online stats influence the countries and locations where you choose to perform?

Over the years, and thanks to the advances in communication and travelling, I have been graced with the privilege of meeting many people from all over the planet. I suspect that these friends and their connections are the people who play my songs abroad. Gratitude. Cheers! I have no touring plans right now as my partner Ruth and I have been raising a beautiful baby girl Francisca for the last 15 months. It’s been a full-time loving experience! However, if an opportunity arises, I’d definitely consider it.

We checked out your #SpotifyWrapped stats from the end of 2021, it’s amazing that you have so many listeners from different countries. Congrats! How does it feel to know that your music is reaching places all over the world?

I don’t look at online stats, but maybe my next New Year’s Resolution should be to read my stats! I always keep my heart open to all opportunities and try my hardest to keep dreaming and feeding the dream of success, but in a zen way, answering these questions right now feels like success. It’s great to reflect on all that has happened to date. This has made my day!

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with on a track?  

My dream person right now would be Adam Evald from Sweden. Paul McCartney would also be great to collaborate with too!

Lastly, what is your advice for up-and-coming songwriters and composers?

The only thing to do is to keep doing. No matter what, no excuses. Music is in everything and everyone and everyday counts. Don’t listen to people who say, ‘you have to be born with a special ability for music and the arts’ or you have ‘got to start as a child.’ It’s not true, just keep going!